I'm Almost There...

A cartoon in today's WaPost really got me pissed off this afternoon. Random observations on neocon foreign policy in general and an article that blew me away in specific are bubbling as well. But I'm still not there.

In the meantime, if you haven't been over to Bill Whittle's to witness the Victory, you're two days late. Get going.


She's Gone

And it sucks. A lot. Not as much as I thought, but very, very close.

The rest of the night is dedicated to entertaining unnerving questions about why the girls I manage to attract are the ones who aren't around me on any regular basis.



London was great. I'm all atwitter with amusing understatements and classically British turns of the phrase.

On the heels of the London trip, I'm working on a photoblog. Funding issues abound, but I'm hopeful. I just got a great new digital camera and have been running around for two weeks taking shots of everything; this should be a nice new endeavor until I feel like screaming about politics again.

So I met a girl. Kind of; I hadn't seen her in two years. Things I'd forgotten: she's beautiful; we have the exact same sense of humor; we can talk for hours (at least I think so, but even the silence is amazingly comfortable; she'll use your name when she talks to you and it sparks some strange little thrill. I used my lifetime's allottment of charm and wit and conversationalism over a single dinner, but I swear it was worth it. Oh yeah, and I did I mention she's leaving tomorrow? Fuck. Oh, well.


The Dreaded Hiatus

As may be apparent, blogging is on hold. I don't know how long...I don't have guarantees or estimates. I will say this, though: life sucks. Really.

For those who care to stick around, thanks, and I'll see you when I see you.


Attack of the Op-Eds

WSJ, unsurprisingly, has a great piece focusing on the affirmative action cases and diversity concerns at law schools. A Northwestern law professor and a student at Columbia Law argue that ideological diversity is far more endangered than racial diversity.

WaPost also has a reality check on the war from retired Army Col. Jim McDonough; a good solid military (not armchair general) analysis of the position Coalition forces are really in. The other Op-Eds are also well worth a look.

For those with some time in the very immediate future, the oral arguments for Gratz v. Bollinger are still ongoing and can be heard here.

Very interesting stuff, but I don't like the way that it's going. From what I can tell, Ted Olson was skirting too thin of a line; the position that he got stuck in with the government's wimp-out brief is really bad. He wasn't free to just say "all race considerations are invalid" and had to tailor an argument that didn't really exist. On the other hand, Michigan's lawyer is getting his ass kicked; he's clearly trying to skirt around the issue of quotas/percentages even though the argument he started to give hinged on the idea of appropriate numbers. "Critical mass", my ass.

More, and better commentary, to be found here.

UPDATE: For those who missed the fun, the Court has decided to air the audio tapes at 7 pm on NPR.

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