A Merry Christmas to Everyone from the small AM hours!

Yup, that's right...Merry Christmas from the Jew. Man, I love Christmas. I know that's kind of counter-intuitive, but I'm a total December person and Christmas definitely fits in with the prevailing scheme. And there's even gonna be snow this year!! As usual, it's the day to drive up to the relatives (ahh the crazy Jamaican side of the family...can't beat it), listen to good music, and otherwise eat, drink, and be merry. Should be an absolute blast.

Even better, I just finished Letters to a Young Conservative, so that's one down on the Winter Break Self-Betterment/Reading Project. This is a serious must-read. It's not that the ideas are original, but the format is really engaging and very concise, and it nails a ton of major ideological points for right-wingers. It actually caught me unawares, since I read some things that I suppose should be fundamental knowledge, but I'd just never heard. Either way, it's a great book. The campaign to bring Dinesh D'Souza to Georgetown begins here and now!


Alright, serious question, if anyone knows the answer:
I was watching Capitol Report a few minutes ago (my God, Capitol Steps was terrible tonight) and heard whatsername the former SEC Chairman say that there's some story floating around about Bill Frist's stocks, some sort of conflict of interest, etc.


If anyone has any clue what this woman is talking about, I'd appreciate hearing about it.
Well, in breaking developments from the Axis of Evil, which everyone knows doesn't really exist, we've now got North Korea threatening an "uncontrollable catastrophe" (read: nuclear war) if the United States refuses to back down from its current stance.

Essentially, North Korea is shocked that the U.S. has the audacity to not give it something for nothing, much as the North recieved throughout the 90s. Furthermore, they claim, it's unthinkable that the U.S. should involve other countries (gasp!) in a situation that threatens the entire region with a nuclear conflict.

It should also be noted that the only mention of aggressive attack or use of nuclear weapons has come from Pyongyang. The only dangerous moves at all, in fact, have come from the North in preparing its weapons-grade reactor for renewed use.

For obvious reasons, and much as usual, North Korea is quite deluded. Thankfully, the U.S. largely seems to realize what's going on and doesn't seem likely to change its stance; the crucial element, and what remains to be seen, is how much support we'll be getting from China, South Korea, Japan, and others. In 1994, their lack of support essentially forced the U.S. into the situation it's in right now. Again, early signs seem promising. These are tough and somewhat troubling words from the North, but I'm highly doubtful that anything highly threatening is to come. Back to Iraq, folks, show's over here.
Well it's official: Bob Herbert is what our Commander-in-Chief might call a major league asshole.

In his last, even-more-disgraceful-than-normal Op-Ed yesterday, Herbert didn't even bother to mince words in accusing the entire Republican Party of proud and open racism. At one point, he refers to "the closet racists and the Confederate flag-waving yahoos who mean so much to the G.O.P."

Since I'm lazy, I'll use a Letter to the Editor I wrote, which I think covers the main problem pretty well:
"Despite his demands for an end to racial conflict in "The Other Trent Lotts," it seems that Bob Herbert's comments do nothing more than purposefully inflame passions.
Mr. Herbert's claim that the Republican Party is little more than a haven for racists is both an insult to conservatives and a roadblock towards smoothing recent problems. The GOP, like the Democratic Party, has unfortunately included racist elements in the past, but to say that the party has made not made substantial progress in forty years is absurd.
Such a belief points to a mindset as divisive and archaic as the one it attacks; it certainly has no place in the current debate. It behooves Mr. Herbert to tone down his blind and ultimately false rhetoric in order to help facilitate the more welcoming political environment he seeks."

Sadly, the problems don't end there. "Gee, I wonder why there are so few blacks in the Republican Party," Herbert muses. Ironically, the answer is in the very issue. Flip back a page or two, and there's an article on black reactions to the Lott resignation, including quotes from one Los Angeles man who says of the GOP: "It's more of an American party. Certain values like pride in your country, family - black people are down with that." He even goes on to bash affirmative action. So, if Republican messages actually do resonate with blacks, why are there so few blacks in the GOP, indeed? The answer lies in people like Bob Herbert, who willingly spread lies and wave the bloody shirt, hoping to illict the type of reaction that another black woman quoted in the article has: "When you think Republican, you think racist." Thanks to largely to Bob, and not to the record of the past forty years, this is entirely true.

Speaking of the past, Herbert again also chooses to "forget" Democratic racism and claim that "The G.O.P. has spent more than 30 years demonizing Democrats [who worked for Dixiecrats, engaged in race-baiting with Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton, and even joined the KKK] for trying to help racial and ethnic minorities." Aye, there's the rub: Herbert would have us believe that all Republicans are evil racists and all Democrats are saints, a fact that is blatantly untrue and brings chances of effective debate to a screeching halt. Republicans, as he claims, are certainly not "hot for the racist vote" any more than the Dems who trot out claims of black voter intimidation at every close Republican win.

What makes Herbert's article even more pathetic is that it sits next to a far more insightful piece by Linwood Holton, a former Virginia governor. In his article, Holton both acknowledges past Republican shortcomings, which admittedly have been grievous, but then acknowledges that conservatives can, have, and should win without resorting to race tactics. Leave that to the Dems. They'll certainly take the opportunity.
Ahhh I love working myself into a righteous fury. For the hell of it, I just fired off a Letter to the Editor of the Times on the Herbert article. How cool would that be if it actually made it in?? Here's hoping....
Politics will be back with a vengeance tomorrow. I read the New York Times Op-Ed section today and I'm ripping pissed at Bob Herbert, who as usual is doing his best to create fake racism and forget convenient segments of the past to make Republicans out to be a wholly owned subsidary of the KKK, or whatever evil organization happens to fit his purpose of the moment. I've really had it with you, Bob. You're a lying asshole of the worst possible kind, namely the type that for some unknown reason occupies a prominent place in national opinion. But, I digress...more on him later.

After some Barnes and Noble and a late night, there's only one thing to do:
It's The Winter Break Reading/Self-Betterment Project!

Books I've Read So Far:
    Advise and Consent - Allen Drury
    The Ugly American - William Lederer and Eugene Burdick

Books I'm Hoping To Read:
    Letters to a Young Conservative - Dinesh D'Souza
    Founding Brothers - Joseph J. Ellis
    Before The Storm - Rich Perlstein
    The Two Towers - J.R.R. Tolkien
    Meno - Plato (not by choice)
    The Art of War - Sun-Tzu

Updates to follow.


OK, I feel a little better.

Got done taking the small brother to driving school (awwwwwwww) and then collapsed on the couch after some good Sportscenter. Admittedly, I was hoping to wake up a bit ealier than 4:10, but hey. Also, got the first actual non-spam email I've seen in several days from the guy who runs Texsanity, which is a really good blog.

I'm still trying to figure out the logic of why the bank closes at 6:00 on Thursday yet at 4:00 through the rest of the week. Huh? Oh well, still no money.
I have this horrible, horrible sense of deja vu.

About ten minutes ago, I sat down to check the rest of my grades on Student Access, though I wasn't sure they'd be there. I'd already pulled off an A in Political Theory, so I was entertaining hopes that I might've done pretty well in the rest of them. I log on; I fight my way through the menus; I get to the grade report, and there, staring me in the face, are two B+'s. And just like that, my transfer application is finished.

I'm starting to remember sitting in German class last year, logging onto the Yale website, hearing people go "You know you got in" and believing it for a second, and then watching the rejection letter pop up. My stomach isn't quite at the point it was then, but the results are pretty much the same. As if the chances weren't miniscule enough already, a 3.66 (it really should be a 3.67, but just to insult to injury, the bastards round down...thanks, guys) means I am officially never going to get into Yale in this lifetime.

Yeah, this is me being a little whiny bitch. The worst part is, I can't imagine how many times I could've just sucked my ass up and studied a little harder or quit talking on AIM and just pounded out a paper that might've made the difference somewhere.... So, yeah, this is also all my fault for being a dumb, lazy bastard who really isn't good enough to get into Yale in the first place.

Life is so fun over break.


You have to be goddamned joking...

"Iraq Welcomes U.S. Intelligence" - HA!

Saeb Erakat: Palestine to Postpone Elections - Erakat, of all people, should know better than this. Just a pathetic attempt to derail the democratic process and then blame it on Israel. Oh, shutup already, do the world a favor, and just boot Arafat out of power.

High School Siezes Student Newspapers - Uhhhh....yeah....just read.
Alright, here it is: the official Trent Lott rant.
Thankfully, Trent Lott has stepped down, albeit it about fourteen days too late.

To be fair, though I agree with the indignant voices on the left that are shouting down similar tales on their side (e.g. Robert "KKK" Byrd or Patty "Root Causes" Murray), this situation has, as usual, been used by liberals to make several patently untrue accusations that most people have swallowed whole. Yes, Trent Lott needed desperately to be replaced, and yes, his comments were highly out of line and frightening in their own way.

However, as many race-baiters on the left from Al Sharpton to Bob Herbert of the New York Times have charged, this is not evidence that the Republican party is a bastion of crotchety old white guys who wish all blacks still referred to them as "Massa." Such ideas are born of a mindset that is no less archaic and damaging to the current situation than the one it attacks; accusing all Republicans of closet racism did nothing more than, at least for a good while, unite conservative opposition rather than fostering an acceptable solution. Republicans who were worried by this attack should have had more self-knowledge and common sense to dimiss it as mere rhetoric rather than a possible truth.

By the same token, Lott's words were certainly not indicative of a massive, latent racist streak in American society. Despite what many liberals would have the nation believe, tyrannical political correctness and unconstitutional social programs like affirmative action are far from "race equality," and opposition to those does not consitute "racism." This entire argument should only be seen for what it truly was: yet another attempt by the left to exploit racial overtones and advance their own narrow-minded policies as the undisputable truth.

No, Lott's problem was something far less innocuous: simply put, he's a moron. The fact that the remarks that got him trouble were a repeat of prior peformances should have been telling enough, but that that was little more than an amusing, "How-could-he-be-that-stupid?" side note says even more. Sadly, Lott's apparent ignorance of and low regard for major civil-rights victories was only eclipsed by the terrible tactical skills and poor communications that marked his time as the Senate's Republican leader. Let's not forget that this was a man whose poor leadership prompted the defection that cost him his own job last year. When glaring incompetence is the only thing that outshadows such questionable comments, something has gone horribly, horribly wrong. Thankfully, any ability to take Trent Lott seriously, if ever there was any, vanished two weeks ago.

This next year will be one of major political issues. Affirmative action is fighting for its life in the supreme court, a fight it will likely lose. Tax reform will take center stage again. Working the bugs out of the Department of Homeland Security may become the government's top priority. Yet, though each of these issues requires and deserves a through and multifaceted debate, a Lott Senate wouldn't have allowed that. Instead, every issue would have been trapped in the morass of racial baiting, a plan that numerous liberals had already endorsed (who's using race for political advantage, exactly?); the coming bill on school choice in D.C. would have inevitably been stigmatized as the Trent Lott Act.

And then, to add to all of this, Lott caved. During his disgraceful performance on The Segregationist Network (aka: BET), Lott claimed total support for affirmative action, a lie that his voting record proves wrong. Instead of offering somewhat decent leadership for once, Lott began clutching at straws to a point where he abandoned a principled and non-racist stance that any conservative should be unashamed to hold.

So, good riddance, Trent. If the voters of Mississippi still want you around, that's fine, but acting as a political voice on the national scene has already proven to be a task well beyond your skills.


Wow, I'm not happy. Gangs of New York really sucked. What a total letdown. It started off kinda like a 19th century Saving Private Ryan and I really thought it was gonna turn out well, but...no. Awful, awful ending.

Since I was asked, I'm working up to a good, coherent response to the Trent Lott resignation, but mostly I've been hopping around with joy at the possibility I might be very well be interning for the Senate Majority Leader (now that's got a ring to it). Reading Advise and Consent has taken on a entirely new life, I love it.


Once again, my new updates are making me pathetically happy. Now I can come to my site to update and check fruitlessly not only for guestbook signings, but comments. Ah well....

I'm really, really trying to resist the urge to turn this into a purely political blog. On the one hand, my life is rather boring for frequent updates, but on the other, I hardly think I have the time and/or wit to look up all the articles that tend to pop up on blogs like that and then add decent commentary. Maybe read, probably not write. I have definite blog envy, I think. Eh. Whatever. Off to "bed."

Late Note: Josh Rubin is the shit! Way to sign the guestbook, Josh.


I'm really trying not to neglect this page, but it's not going well. I can't figure out why the more free time I have, the less drive I have to do anything of any consequence of . On the other hand, though, I do love being at home. I bought The Ugly American on Monday evening and read it overnight, unlike taking two hours to read 30 pages at school. This book should be required reading for SFS kids...or at least the rabble at GW and American who can't get decent jobs after graduation (I really need to stop that).

Other stuff I've accomplished so far....
1. Developed a serious addiction to Around the Horn on ESPN. Woody Paige is my new hero!! This is honestly the best show ever to be put on television; there should so be a political version of this on CNN or something, it would be great. I can picture it: it's the guys from Crossfire screaming at each other like they do anyway, but Jim Lehrer (or O'Reilly?) has the little joysticks and buttons, muting Paul Begala when they think he's an ass. It would be great.
2. Old friendships suck. Old friendships with the complications of the one in particular that I'm talking about make life very, very depressing. I'm so in the mood to just let out the cry-for-Prozac ramble that's been brewing in my head, but I'll refrain since I know certain people unfortunately see this. I have never been more amazingly convinced that The Ladder Theory is an indisputable law of life. This break has been yet more proof that people should not put their heart and/or emotional wellbeing on the line for anyone, at any time.
3. Found out that the new car drives even better than the A4. While I should not have been driving to Boston in any case, I suppose (as I mentioned above), driving on 0 hours' sleep is even worse of an idea. It's really amazing what you can do in a Volvo when you don't realize your foot's slightly resting on the gas.
4. Most importantly, slept like a rock for half of my life here.

Yesssssssss...Bill Frist officially said he's going for Majority Leader! Also: "The president's top liaison to Capitol Hill, Nicholas Calio, is taking over at Citigroup as the financial-services firm's top liaison to government after leaving the administration January 10. As a senior vice president, Calio will oversee the company's relations with the federal government, state governments and foreign governments." So, basically, he's leaving to do the exact same job in the private sector for god knows how much money. And people wonder why you get into politics.


A sampling of away messages on a nasty, busty, rainy day...people are starting to get really flaky:
"Dear weather pattern and jet stream,
It has come to my attention that it's raining outside. I could probably take a small inflatable raft and float across the Mall if I wanted to. It is also cold. Now, as I'm sure you realize, I have classes in the farthest possible building from here in a litte while. I would really appreciate it if you could make the rain stop for an hour or so. That would give me time to dry off from my previous outing and avoid catching pneumonia and dying. By the way, I HATE THE FUCKING RAIN and this state where it always seem to rain. That's all. I'm not asking for much. Thank you.
"Okay, so does it bother anyone else that someone has posted pictures of "harry the hand" and his "hand washing tips" on the wall of our bathroom? just wondering...."
"I am livin on week old sandwhiches bought from the campus grocery store here, people"
"just got raped by Astro [editor's note: this is a class, not a person]....crying like a baby"


"'I'm sure Senator Lott was just caught up in the excitement of the celebration of Senator Thurmond's birthday,' Mr. Musgrove said at a lunchtime interview with New York Times reporters and editors." Mr. Musgrove is Mississippi's governor, quoted in a New York Times article, reffering to this gem of a quote from Trent Lott: "I want to say this about my state: When Strom Thurmond ran for president, we voted for him. We're proud of it. And if the rest of the country had followed our lead, we wouldn't have had all these problems over all these years, either."

Senator Lott also called his remarks "lighthearted." Wait...so when Trent Lott is lighthearted, he's so amused and in good spirits that he's waxing nostalgic about segregation. Well, this is great news. I can only imagine what a bright future the GOP has in store if this is what happens every time we celebrate a birthday. As if this weren't true five years ago, it's time for Trent Lott to pack his things and vacate any semblance of the national spotlight before things get even worse.

My advice: let's find someone without a Foghorn Leghorn accent, preferrably telegenic and able to speak English in a way that won't make non-Southerners puke on demand. The short list: Bill Frist (this guy is a winner), George Allen (give the NRSC to someone else), John Sununu (might as well throw him in the deep end).


Missed Opportunity of a Lifetime:
Rudy Giuliani was going to be signing books on M Street at the Barnes and Noble, so I was planning on heading over after Naval Science, all spiffy in uniform, to get some books signed. Of course, it turned out to be cancelled. Grrreeeattt.


I'm really gonna cry....
8:40 - Get out of ed. board elections, getting ready to watch the Sopranos season finale
8:45 - Realize that Nihal isn't there
8:50 - Celeste's TV is already occupied
8:53 - Clara doesn't have a TV
8:55 - Joe suggests we go watch with Father Sweeney
9:03 - Father Sweeney isn't there
9:04 - spend the next few minutes searching and failing to find anyone on Harbin 9 who wants to watch...nervous breakdown impending
9:10 - Go back to check on Celeste and get bitched at by Carol (my true feelings about this stupid bitch are unprintable)
9:15 - Dutko's TV is open
9:45 - Get kicked out of Dutko's in time to miss the meat of the plot
Wait, Mary Landrieu won?? Damnit! This just proves how out of it I was last night. In most other circumstances I would've been following the results live in front of some TV with twenty other political junkies.

Just remember, Dems, here's how your candidate won: fighting with Suzie Terrell over who would support President Bush the most. When the Democrat incumbent is basically running as a right-moderate in order to save her political life, it's a sign that the left is doing something very wrong, not striking a good message. At least now we'll get to see if Landrieu's voting record ("I voted with President Bush over 75 percent of the time!") is really true. I'm hoping so.

The Lee Fletcher race, unfortunately, is an entirely matter. How the hell does the GOP candidate lose in a heavily Republican district by 528 votes? Aarrghhh! I'm really not quite sure how this happened, but I'm guessing it might be similar to how Tim Johnson apparently won the South Dakota Senate race.
Wanna see some Jewish kid put a bullet through his head? Come to Harbin 914 and the pleasure's yours...
Not really, but damn I'm in inebriated and I feel shitty as hell for various reasons.

OK, so maybe things weren't quite that bad, but hey I was drunk. This excuses me from most anything (not that that's really true either...damn).

I really love how "I'm just gonna go to the DPE party for a little bit and then come back" turned into "Sorry, my main priority tonight is getting trashed." Definitely still haven't gotten anything done on that German paper that was supposed to be e-mailed to my prof a while ago this morning. Marathon writing session #2, here I come.


Heh, Shaffer's away message...I can't resist:
"Holy Shit!!!
So far this weekend, I've been to NY and Philadelphia. Seen 1 Guns N Roses concert and been in the middle of one riot. And the weekend just fuckin started.
PS- I love Mrs. Waldman"
I'm pathetically excited about my updates. Gratifying to know that fragments of good ol' HTML 3.2 are still buried somewhere in my head.

Oh yeah, that was a dead-on prediction. First stop: Chicken Madness (oh, so good) and head over to Scotty's, watch some of "Swordfish" and chill with the guys. Holy shit, Hal and Glick were completely trashed already. Conversation of the night:
Me: Can we at least agree that the Air Force sucks?
Hal: Yeah! They're completely worthless! They've got nothing!
Russell: What about napalm?
Hal: Napalm! [gestures wildly to make some stupid point and spills entire cup of beer all over himself]
Everyone: Hal, you fucking idiot (plus laughter and other statements of ridicule).
Then it was on to Kessler's and pretty much doing the same thing. Hal, I'm really sorry your drunken macking didn't pan out, she was hot. And how ridiculously awful are the Knicks? Why must New York sports be such an embarassment this year?? Finally left when the apartment became a mob scene, but an amusing night nontheless.


Hollllllly shit...it's actually over. Just proofread it and printed it out. 3 hours late of course, but it's just way too gratifying to really care about.

I'd so love to go get completely fucked up right now, but that'll pretty much preclude me from typing my German term paper. How am I gonna write 3000 words in a foreign language? Good thing I did an outine. Gee, I just love the damned theme of this week. I'm thinking I'll probably just grab a Chicken Madness (I've earned it, screw budget issues), go to Sirkin's, and watch everyone else get wasted and play Beirut. Ahhh Friday nights with the frat...though they have been drinking since 5:30, so I doubt anyone's actually still sober at this point.

As soon as I hand in my German paper on Monday, I'm getting trashed and not coming up until it's time to come back for next semester, I swear to God. Hahahaha drunk for PB's oral final...he'd probably love it.
It's the post-midnight update!
OK, so it's 12:30 and I've just about finished my sixth page. I really usually don't write this slowly and it's really starting to piss me off. But no matter, I'm in for the long haul. Got plenty of milk for hot chocolate and the fridge is stocked with Gatorade bottles. It's seriously amazing what those electrolytes can do on a late night, I had no clue until last month. Hopefully I'll pick up the pace a bit in the next couple of hours...16.5 hours left, 14 pages to go.

Should I have any clue what "12 Inches, No Grease" means? I can only think it's something sexual. Just looked out the window and realized that's written in the snow on the football field in huge letters. I really wish it would start snowing again, things just seem to go better when it's snowing out.

Ohhhhh yeah! HOYAS WIN, BABY!!! 5-0!!! We completely get no respect in the polls...if we're not ranked or getting some serious votes come Sunday, some shit is going on.


HOYAS 47, South Carolina 45 at the moment
Great game....guess who decided to be a good little boy and stay home?

Alright, the odyssey officially starts now: 16 and a half pages to write by 5 pm tomorrow. Should be interesting.
I don't think I've ever been so happy to buy a sweatshirt in my entire life....
Yep, of all the colleges inside the Beltway, Georgetown is the only one that has classes today. So lucky us, this school and the federal government are quite literally the only things running in Washington at the moment. Absofuckinglutely ridiculous.
Trying to decide whether or not I should go to class and start my paper earlier or hit up the South Carolina game. Sadly, I think the thought of going to Chinatown for dinner is the real thing swinging me. Beef and noodles in soup and a bottle of Tsingtao sounds really good right now. To be continued....
I guess I'm too tired to really be trying to deal with this at the moment, but the transfer question has been cropping up in mind since I got in. It came up when I was talking with Clara tonight, but didn't really give it serious thought. I just had a fucking great time...do I really want to go to Yale that badly?
I'll take this up in the morning when reality's back and I'm awake, or something like it.
This is definitely the kind of night that makes you realize why you go to college. A bit of background...
Tonight was the long-awaited first night of serious snow (conveniently on the night I promised myself I was gonna put a serious dent in my history term paper...my ass), so we were fucking around at maybe midnight when we suddenly realized it was starting to snow really lightly. Two things to realize about this situation: 1) there are a lot of southerners and Californians around here, so they're real dumb and excited and b) Washington completely flips a shit whenever a flake hits the ground, so a lot of snow means I might write this, go to bed, and wake up in a couple hours with no classes to go to.
Anyway, eventually it started to come down decently at about 1:30 to 2:00, and I ventured downstairs to try and remind the dumb southerners that you leave snow alone until it accumulates a little...and discovered that nearly all of Harbin Hall was out on the patio fucking around. Fun times. So, naturally, I ended up finding some people from one of my classes and settle down into taking pictures and throwing people around and playing snow soccer, etc. etc.
At about 2:00 or 2:15 we start making our way over to the patio in front of Village C, where there's a hill -- you can imagine where this is going -- and probably at least a hundred more people standing around. Long story short: I run up to my room, get my laundry basket (this was pretty high class tonight...most people were working the trash bags and pizza boxes angle) and start sledding with this big group at the top of the hill. Eventually, some kids brought up a picnic table from Harbin and destroyed on the hill by running it right into the concrete ledge at the bottom of the hill...no, this was not a safe idea in any form, and I have a nasty, bloody hand to prove it, too.
OK, this is ridiculously long, but of course the campus security people (DOPS) came. I, personally, heard the whistle blast and instinctively ran like the little Jew I am. My hardy Irish roommate stayed long to throw snowballs at DOPS and help the "Asshole!" chant.
I think my current away message catches the drift pretty well: "hahaha holllly shit...first night of snow, dumb southerners and Californians going "Look! It's snow!", LAS at 2 am, trying to wipe out Kip, packing the Village C patio and hill, sledding with laundry baskets, sledding with the table from Harbin patio, destroying the table from Harbin patio, trying to build a ramp, running from/throwing snowballs at DOPS, sledding injuries, the chapel covered in snow at 3:30....what a kick ass night!"
With the exception of a lost camera and nasty hand, probably the best night at Georgetown so far.... Tomorrow is so a Christmas music and hot chocolate morning.

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